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Ghost Quartet Tickets

Ghost Quartet is the opening production of the stunning new Boulevard Theatre
Rose has a problem. She’s been betrayed by her lover, a local tree-dwelling astronomer, with her very own sister. Rose seeks vengeance and a passing bear might just offer the answer. But his services come at a price: a pot of honey, one piece of stardust, a secret baptism – and a photo of a ghost. A kaleidoscopic journey spanning continents, centuries and the cosmos ensues. But even through the fogs of time and a haze of whiskey, Rose can’t shake the feeling that she’s done this all before… Boulevard Theatre’s opening production is Ghost Quartet, an intoxicating musical of love, loss and spirits – of both the spectral and alcoholic kind. This hauntingly beautiful song cycle is a story about stories themselves; how we tell them, how we hear them, and how they evolve, intertwine and draw us in.
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  • date_range Dec 2, 2019 → Jan 4, 2020
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  • access_time 1hr 30min (no interval)
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From the Production


Rated 4.9 out of 5 (11 Reviews)
  • Review Avatar Dec 20, 2019

    Fantastic show that joe me gripped righ through. They all had amazing voices and great musical talent. We lived the drama the comedy the emotions that which we on display throughout the show. The four of them work in perfect harmony with each other throughout.

  • Review Avatar Dec 27, 2019

    Hugely entertaining, highly confusing, a little to long, uncomfortable seats

  • Review Avatar Dec 29, 2019

    Best thing I have seen all year!

  • Review Avatar Dec 29, 2019

    An intimate and spellbinding show beautifully sung and performed by the quartet who were all also talented musicians. This was the perfect piece to open the new Boulevard Theatre.

  • Review Avatar Jan 3, 2020

    Perfect artists

  • Review Avatar Jan 4, 2020

    Fantastic show, very talented people.

  • Review Avatar Jan 5, 2020

    Very good.

  • Review Avatar Jan 5, 2020

    Brilliant show and loved the venue. I really like the audience participation and the technical ability of the performers.

  • Review Avatar Jan 5, 2020

    The production was really amazing. We went primarily because Zubin Varla was in it but the rest of the cast held their own superbly well. They were all remarkably talented and versatile - I don't think I've ever seen four people play so many different instruments. The theatre setting was intimate and the cast rapidly built a rapport with the audience (and not just because they dispensed free whisky). My first visit to the Boulevarde Theatre but won't be my last. A perfect venue for small productions, especially those involving the audience.

  • Review Avatar Jan 6, 2020

    Good vibes and wonderful artists bring an amazing performance.

  • Review Avatar Jan 6, 2020

    Fabulous production. Amazing cast. Funny, sad, uplifting and melancholy, a rollercoaster of emotion. I love the way the audience were involved and Love the new theatre which gives such an intimate feeling.