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London Musical
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1934. A time-weathered guesthouse in the heartland of America. Only a song can shake off the dust for one group of wayward souls-and old dreams may hold the promise of new beginnings. As they pass in and out of each other's lives, their stories awaken with passion, fury and extraordinary beauty. Reimagining the music of Bob Dylan as roof-raising ensemble pieces and soul-stirring solos, celebrated playwright Conor McPherson (The Weir, The Seafarer) writes and directs this heartbreaking and universal story about family and love. Hailed by the Observer as the 'NO.1 THEATRE SHOW OF THE YEAR' audiences now have the chance once again to experience this 'magnificent' (Standard), 'astonishing' (Guardian) and 'piercingly beautiful' (Independent) production brought vividly to life by an extraordinary company of actors and musicians.
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Rated 4.4 out of 5 (346 Reviews)
  • Review Avatar Jul 21, 2017

    The advertisement was misleading. The music was Bob Dylan but the theatre production did not match that theme at all. Performers were excellent, but the music did not sound anything like Bob Dylan and the messages in his music - 1950/1960's - was lost in a 1934 era.

  • Review Avatar Jul 22, 2017

    Super performance. Hugely talented cast.

  • Review Avatar Jul 22, 2017

    I thought the whole production was absolutely brilliant!! The band, the singers, the set, the story fantastic. The interpretation of Bob Dylan's songs wonderful/heartbreaking.

  • Review Avatar Jul 24, 2017

    Amazing show. Standout vocal performances from the entire cast. Shirley Henderson was a revelation.

  • Review Avatar Jul 26, 2017

    Wonderful tale integrated into Dylan music Conor the playwright very cleverly wove it in so that it came across as though Dylan wrote for the play rather than vice versa. Brilliant acting from all involved but special mention to Shirley Henderson, so credible in a difficult part.

  • Review Avatar Jul 27, 2017

    The most amazing production I have ever seen, the music spellbinding and heartachingly beautiful taking Dylan's talent to another place. All actors were equally mesmerising, wonderful, unique.

  • Review Avatar Jul 28, 2017

    Lovely performance !! Lovely music and acting! Lovely to hear actors who really, really can sing!!

  • Review Avatar Jul 29, 2017

    What a fabulous show. The story line is familiar Steinbeck era. The singing was terrific from all of the cast and Dylan's music was a delight . We loved it and came out uplifted.

  • Review Avatar Jul 29, 2017

    Amazingly cast, awesome music, great playwright!

  • Review Avatar Jul 30, 2017

    The play was original, entertaining and totally engaging - loved the songs and the musical relief from the heaviness of the plot. Only slight criticism is that the words in some cases did not have much relevance to the action. Also - the Old Vic needs more loos!!!!

  • Review Avatar Jul 30, 2017

    we were to ack in the good of the lilian baylis circle ,very cramp . as there are many characters in the production .we could not follow . The choice of songs ,the musical interpretaion and the voices do justice to bobs songs in a thoughtful way

  • Review Avatar Aug 4, 2017

    Really enjoyed the whole production, made extra special by the use of Dylan's music to underscore the theme, with its mix of well-known and less familiar songs. Particularly impressed with the cast's musical ability in addition to acting chops.

  • Review Avatar Aug 5, 2017

    A little too long. Great singing and acting. Unusual idea to base on Bob Dylan songs, which is why I booked to see.

  • Review Avatar Aug 5, 2017

    Excellent production. OK, so I lost track of the plot but I was only really there for the music. This was superb. The singers had a variety of voice types and all gave superlative performances.

  • Review Avatar Aug 7, 2017

    Dylan's music really stands up, and follows rather than leads the plot, which is a plus. Most, but not all, the cast, can really sing. But the plot has too many complicated dead ends, and the ending falls flat.

  • Review Avatar Aug 9, 2017

    Creative blend of Dylan and long days journey into night Excellent not a dull moment gripping

  • Review Avatar Aug 9, 2017

    A wonderful play, beautifully performed. Very comfortable and pleasant theatre.

  • Review Avatar Aug 9, 2017

    SInging and music were great. Complemented the play well. You can't go wrong with Dylan.

  • Review Avatar Aug 10, 2017

    My very first experience of live theatre was 'Gypsy' with Ethel Merman belting out the title role, and it put me off musicals for the rest of my life. So I was a little ambivalent about booking 'Girl From The North Country'. I needn't have been: it was remarkable, full of vigour, replete with extraordinary individual music talent (vocal and instrumental) and genuinely moving. In retrospect, it occurred to me that there was, behind the American Depression setting, an Irish play peeping through, and that in a strange way Duluth could have been Ballymena -- no bad thing, especially if you've seen 'The Weir'. McPherson's direction, orchestrating as many as two dozen people on stage, was pin-sharp, a tour-de-force. If the enigmatic Nobel Prize winner whose music is the basis of this play was sitting incognito at the back of the Old Vic stalls, he must have had a smile on his grizzled old face.

  • Review Avatar Aug 10, 2017

    Excellent show. I am a Dylan fan but not necessary to enjoy the show. The singers take each song and mKe it their own. Quality acting and story. Well done