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London Play
Michael Dennis's debut play Dark Sublime starring Star Trek actress Marina Sirtis heads to the West End's Trafalgar Studios 2
Oli arrives at the door of Marianne, a now-forgotten sci-fi TV icon, impatient to make an impression, to make a friend. Marianne, a jobbing actress, knows about waiting – for the phone to ring, for her best friend to see her differently, for her turn at something more substantial than a half-remembered role on a cult TV show. He wants an autograph; she doesn’t want anything from him – or so she thinks. Yet as they start to explore each other’s worlds, they begin to discover what every good relationship needs: time and space. Exploring the complexities of relationships, especially in the LGBTQ community, and the contrast in lived experiences across generations, Michael Dennis has crafted a story that is as much about joy and heartbreak as it is about quarries and transmat beams. Making her West End debut, Star Trek: The Next Generation star Marina Sirtis will take the lead as Marianne in the world premiere of Dark Sublime, directed by Andrew Keates (As Is and Dessa Rose – Trafalgar Studios). Further casting, including an iconic voice of Science Fiction will be announced in 2019. Dark Sublime is a love-letter to British sci-fi television – those that make it and those that adore it.
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Rated 4.8 out of 5 (32 Reviews)
  • Review Avatar Jun 28, 2019

    Fab production in a perfect format and venue. Fantastic performances by all. Great, dramatic, comedic and heartwarming writing. Well worth it

  • Review Avatar Jun 28, 2019

    Incredible play for what was my first taste of the West End! Would highly recommend, well acted by all - and SO funny :)

  • Review Avatar Jun 28, 2019

    I thought the play was funny and moving, the performances were good. I loved being so close to the stage and feeling the emotions being played out.

  • Review Avatar Jul 3, 2019

    Lovely script and story line. Excellent acting, and lovely characters. Easy to relate to if you have any familiarity with what fans, fandom and convention life means. It made us cry and laugh and cheer. It was great!!! Highly recommend it.

  • Review Avatar Jul 7, 2019

    This play was brilliant, it wasn’t flawless, but nothing ever is. I loved everything it had to offer. The performance space was incredibly intimate, you genuinely felt like you were on stage with them. The writing felt new, it was fresh, and incredibly funny. But also, sometimes felt too fast in parts and too slow in parts — I’m sure with more experience Michael Dennis is going to be a theatre writer to remember, starting off on a such a high like this is rare, and I would urge anyone to see this play. It’s incredible. The Actors were great, being so close to them you could really watch them all react and retort, sometimes you’d catch their eye but it didn’t break the scene because you felt like you were genuinely sitting drinking watered down Ribena with them. Or manning a spaceship. This was beyond value for money, I went during Pride so Trafalgar was properly alive. The foyer was small and intimate again, the bar staff were lovely. The whole experience was massive value for money, I would go and see it again if I could.

  • Review Avatar Jul 7, 2019

    Dark Sublime definitely is the very best we've ever seen at Trafalgar Studios!!! It is amazingly authentic, hilarious at times and very exciting to watch. Having had front row seats, we felt as though we were sharing the stage with those marvelous actresses and actors, at times beeing only two feet away from them. Their performance was breathtaking. But above all and definitely outstanding Marina Sirtis had us experience all the emotions Marianne was going through, reaching it's climax when she was alone on stage, heartbroken, crying, and we had the hardest time to stay in our seats - we wanted to comfort her so badly, give her a hug and tell her she's going to be okay. The only bad thing was that it ended. I could have sat there for much longer enjoying many laughs and exploring relationships of all kinds. Thank you for an awesome evening, and a extra gigantic THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to Marina Sirtis for giving me the opportunity to watch her perform this closely. She is the BEST!!! Go watch Dark Sublime everyone, it's worth it in every way!

  • Review Avatar Jul 8, 2019

    A fun play with heart, nicely staged in this intimate little venue.

  • Review Avatar Jul 8, 2019

    Its very rare I go to the Theater but after hearing about Dark Sublime while it was still in the production stages decided to treat myself for my Birthday and wasn't disappointed , It was funny , it was emotional and it was nostalgic .The flash backs to the 70's reminded me of one of my favorite ScFi shows from the 70's leaving a lovely warm feeling . The LGBT relationships were touching and realistic without throwing a message in your face so refreshing compared to so many port-rails shown on screen .

  • Review Avatar Jul 9, 2019

    A Great Play told with Amazing Performances. Throughout the Whole Play You are taken through a Journey of Friendship, Reality of Fame the Good and Bad, Love and the Complexities of Relationships. It is Thought Provoking and Emotional. I Would Highly Recommend Everyone Go and See Dark Sublime.

  • Review Avatar Jul 10, 2019

    Very funny, great script, great acting, clever sound and lighting, lovely venue.

  • Review Avatar Jul 10, 2019

    Went to see this because Marina Sirtis is in it. It didn't disappoint; she was really good. Really enjoyed the performances from the rest of the cast. We felt it was well written; funny, observational and sad at the same time. Thank you

  • Review Avatar Jul 11, 2019

    Brilliantly written, performed and produced. It was a great evening out, full of laughs, tears and shear talent. Trying to find the time to make a return visit!

  • Review Avatar Jul 14, 2019

    Relaxed and intimate venue. Superb cast. Great production.

  • Review Avatar Jul 14, 2019

    This show was brilliant , dark humour incredible cast ! Loved the set and the nostalgic adverts that are played ! Great value for money ! Would see this again !

  • Review Avatar Jul 14, 2019

    It was an incredible, poignant and funny play. Thank you to all the cast and the theatre. First time in this theatre and in a room like this and it was great. Thank you.

  • Review Avatar Jul 17, 2019

    A wonderful experience!

  • Review Avatar Jul 21, 2019

    Loved it great production and brilliant performances from all the cast. Marina sertis was amazing a trully great performance , the story was funny compelling , thoight provoking, a SiFii story, based very much in real life Earth .with love and relationships at the heart of it all. , funny and moving ...the best of both worlds . Resistance is futile ...go see it before its to late

  • Review Avatar Jul 23, 2019

    The theatre was small, which made the play very intimate and more personal. The audience were involved, right from the start. The actors were all fantastic, especially Kwako Mills. He delivered his character, Oli, with real conviction. The play had laughs, tears and a few Awww moments too. Highly recommended. I hope it goes on tour, and a DVD of the series would be nice!

  • Review Avatar Jul 24, 2019

    This is a fantastic play, very well written, with excellent acting and direction. Seeing it in such an intimate venue really heightened the impact. The plot goes in different directions than expected as well. Strongly recommend seeing it

  • Review Avatar Jul 26, 2019

    Excellent show, very intimate setting. Very funny show, fabulously well acted, such a clever storyline and well cast too. Enjoyed it so much I would go again