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Our Lady of Kibeho Tickets

London Play
Katori Hall's Our Lady of Kibeho London Premiere, tickets available now!
In 1981 at Kibeho College in Rwanda, a young girl claimed to have seen a vision of the Virgin Mary who warned her of the unimaginable: Rwanda becoming hell on earth. She was ignored by her friends and scolded by her school but then another student saw the vision, and another, and the impossible appeared to be true. Katori Hall’s Our Lady Of Kibeho presents us with a haunting insight into these true events that captured the world’s attention. A vibrantly theatrical meditation on faith and everyday miracles, it reunites Royal & Derngate’s Artistic Director James Dacre with Katori Hall, following their collaboration on The Mountaintop which won the Olivier Award for Best New Play in 2010. Featuring stirring original music sung live by an exceptional ensemble cast, the London premiere of Our Lady Of Kibeho promises to be an epic event.
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From the Production


Rated 4.6 out of 5 (38 Reviews)
  • Review Avatar Sep 27, 2019

    Amazing singing and passionate acting, well done to all.

  • Review Avatar Sep 27, 2019

    Brilliant play from start to finish. 11 if us in the group and all of the same opinion. It was funny, scary,serious and thought provoking

  • Review Avatar Sep 27, 2019

    Marianne apparition to 3 Rwanda school girls in 1981. Good script,acting,singing, dialogue,costumes,stage setting. (Stage Smelled like a mortuary to me )Witty script. Scriptural and cultural references. Good background scenery. Some heartbreaking scenes 'particularly when one girl asks where were you when my mom's bullet ridden body lay on the ground. But did Bishop ? wanted apparitions confirmed for financial reasons,? Priest do the said medical test. Watch it and reflect upon it.its good mind and soul food. Read the book ,Go to Rwanda -kibeho ? livestream it/Netflix it. Venue was good,small compact , adequate washroom and beverage and food section. Staff I interacted with were helpful.

  • Review Avatar Sep 28, 2019

    Despite the sad story line, the show was full of great humour, funny and entertaining. Definitely recommendable!!

  • Review Avatar Sep 29, 2019

    Great play and great energy

  • Review Avatar Oct 3, 2019

    It was great!

  • Review Avatar Oct 5, 2019

    An excellent, passionate production performed in a beautiful, intimate theatre. Highly recommended.

  • Review Avatar Oct 6, 2019

    The story told in the advent of a tragic event made this a poignant and masterful piece.The acting and delivery had a profound resonance.

  • Review Avatar Oct 6, 2019

    Fresh, energetic, Cardinal and Pope's Envoy too caricatured, maybe a fault of lines given, but overall very good.

  • Review Avatar Oct 6, 2019

    I loved this production. The set really captured the feel of a rural African school room and the uniforms the girls wore were spot on. The play itself is beautifully written and was certainly challenging, forcing the audience to look at the central events from all aspects. Chilling too, given what it preceded. The singing was extraordinary

  • Review Avatar Oct 14, 2019

    Very good cast.

  • Review Avatar Oct 14, 2019

    i would like to start by saying that while the production was a good one, my whole experience was ruined by a number of staff at the venue. Firstly the bar manager, who decided he did not want to serve me food to eat in but rather wanted me to do a take away. i think there was something prejudice about this individual. i will be making a formal complaint to ensure he is reprimanded. After the bar incident i subsequently was not allowed back into the auditorium as the show had started. despite me telling the door staff that my partner was in the hall they still insisted i watch the second half of the show from the overflow upstairs. Where i proceeded to have have a run in with the staff concerning mobile phones. i was threatened to be ejected from the theater all because i was messaging my other half to advise that i was not allowed back in. This whole episode ruined the experience for me and i really should be asking for a full refund as i did not get to watch the whole show to the end.

  • Review Avatar Oct 16, 2019

    It was well acted and written but I’m not sure how fair it was to the actual events that happened in Kibeho with the Marian apparitions. It appeared to present these factually but it was the author’s interpretation and invention. Understanding of Catholic teaching and practice wasn’t ideal either. A good play in terms of presenting an interesting aspect of Rwandan history and society but lacks awareness of the actual events and Catholicism.

  • Review Avatar Oct 16, 2019

    Awesome! :)

  • Review Avatar Oct 18, 2019

    The show was absolutely fabulous and was sowell enacted that the story was not made a sensation but n understanding of the incident Kibeho. This was my first visit to this theatre and it certainly will not be my last. A lovely theatre btw.

  • Review Avatar Oct 20, 2019

    An absolutely beautiful portrayal of an astonishing event within the history of human atrocity in all respects. Masterful acting as could only be required by such excellent playwriting.

  • Review Avatar Oct 20, 2019

    Best website to get your tickets ?? from. Would use again

  • Review Avatar Oct 22, 2019

    The theater air conditioner was to higher. The end wasn't clear to me

  • Review Avatar Oct 23, 2019

    IT had been highly recommended by a friend and the reviews appeared to back it up. It was ok, but dipped in the second half so much so I struggled to stay awake.

  • Review Avatar Oct 23, 2019

    Actors were great, well staged, lovely theatre.